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Rakan is the main antagonist of Chapter 3. He's the fourth inhabitant of the home, and is very paranoid about being watched.


Rakan appears to be a muscular Arab man. He has black hair and a beard. Due to his time in the hospital, it appears that his muscular physique has somewhat-faded. He is seen at the end of the game with two crutches.


Rakan is very paranoid and violent. He is quick to begin yelling and using physical violence when disturbed. When he thinks he's endangered, he becomes very psychically defensive, having to be held by restraints so that he wouldn't hurt anybody.

Rakan is very convinced about his predicament. He believes that whoever is trying to hypnotize him is intellectually below him, so he was able to avoid them. Once he "figured out" what "they" were doing, he was determined to expose them.


Rakan Al-Mutawa was a former rugby player who was put into the injury reserves following an injury. He moved into the home in the year 1970, and shortly after became very paranoid, thinking he was being watched. He kept finding little objects around the house, assuming they were technology being used to spy on him. Rose, his neighbor, called the police shortly after witnessing him toss books all over the floor and scream.

He was administered to a local hospital, becoming very hostile toward the doctors and care-workers. He insisted that there was a break in and that he shot a gun in self defense. However; the police found no evidence of a break-in ever happening, implying it was a paranoid delusion. Rakan became so hostile that they had to end up calling an emergency ("code white"). After the protagonist (Dwayne Anderson) makes it into room 323, Rakan's former room, Rakan will appear. Rakan asks him where he thinks he's going, and that he's going to smash his head in. Once Dwayne makes it into the Meeting Room, Rakan will pull the outside handle off and mock him. After making it out of this room, Dwayne will make it to a window surrounded by exit signs. He will witness Rakan jump out, go to see what happened, and then have Rakan appear behind him and push him out. While making it to this exit, Rakan will talk over the intercom, telling Dwayne that he ruined his life.

After this, Dwayne will appear in the home again. The home's appearance will have changed, now being covered in slimy roots. Once Dwayne makes it out of here and finds the wheelchair that will again teleport him to the hospital, he will sit in a room and listen to a voice over the intercom. He will look forward and slowly have Remnants surround him, all crying and holding their heads in pain. It is assumed that this is Rakan's perspective. These will play a bigger role in the next part, standing around and chasing Dwayne.

Dwayne will make his way to the bottom floor of the hospital, in which he will find a recording. The recording is a female voice relighting Rakan's state, acknowledging that he will be staying there a while, having his state worsened. It is revealed that Rakan believes that he is being bugged by an evil corporation who wants to brainwash him into submission. He thinks that he has avoided this due to his mental capacity and awareness.

Dwayne will then have to solve a puzzle that involves having to turn the power off, which is later revealed to have been what Rakan did, putting the hospital into lockdown. After this mission, Dwayne will receive a keycard that opens an elevator. He will have to drag bodies out of it, and while he is, Rakan will appear with a crutch and chase him. He won't speak this time, and when he doesn't find you, he goes back to minding his own business.

After making it into the elevator and going up to the next floor, Rakan will appear over the intercom and cuss out Dwayne, addressing him by his name this time. At the end of this part of the chapter, Dwayne will be shown a cutscene of Rakan being tied to a chair, having the humanoids surrounding him.

Dwayne shows back up at the house, and this time Rakan will be there to chase him. After making it out of the home, Dwayne will appear back in the hospital, being surrounded by the humanoid figures in a similar manner to the previous cutscene Rakan took part in. This time Dwayne will make it further into the hospital, and witness Rakan being held down by security, being forced to have an injection. Shortly after this he will enter another room and watch as Rakan is interrogated. The interrogator is telling Rakan that because of his behavior, he will need to be isolated from everyone else in the Psychiatric-Ward. The interrogator mentions treatments, which makes Rakan flip the table and demand that he receive no treatments.

Rakan is seen a while after this after Dwayne arrives in a room filled with fences. He appears in the back of the room, panting in anger, and then proceeds to chase Dwayne.

He is again seen in a room where he is now in a wheelchair. He sits in silence as he is evaluated and told that because of his improved behavior over the past few months, he will be ready to go home.

He is last seen standing in a room, talking to himself about how he knows enough to take "them" down. He laughs but then notices a mysterious figure standing in the doorway. Rakan asked who sent him, and the man slowly closes the door; making Rakan get on his stomach and crawl toward it. The screen fades to black, Rakan's screams of agony being heard until the lights turn back on.



  • He suffers from Scopophobia, the fear of being stared at (it is also known as "ophthalmophobia").
    • In the third chapter, theres a unique game mechanic where a black substance with eyes locks the doors. In order to unlock them, you have to locate paintings that have physical eyes on them and "poke" them that will make the eyes disappear on the door.
  • Rakan is seen much more than the other ghosts
  • Rakan's backstory is based on Rakan Al-Nabit, who is also a rugby player on injury reserve, and a high level backer on the game's Kickstarter.
  • Rakan seems to particular history with Dwayne, calling him "arrogant" and threatening to stomp his head in, even speaking his name.
  • The ending may signify that he was right all along.


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